Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Smile From the Heart

Does a smile given or received have any effect on others?

One thing we know for sure, when we are giving a smile away it usually means we are in a happy state of mind. When we receive one, no matter what the mood we may be in, it mellows and softens the heart. So what does this mean? It shows that people are connected both directly and indirectly.

There have been numerous studies conducted with respect to the effects of a smile. The researchers involved have been curious to ascertain if one person in a group smiles can it actually stimulate others within that group to smile as well? This is an experiment you can try for yourself. Next time you are on an elevator with several other people, smile at the person next to you and see what happens. Then perhaps smile at someone else as well. This is a great exercise, with great results. In fact, it may bring a smile to your face whenever you think about it.

In many ways, humans are both compassionate and caring. Often we react as per our environment, and not our personalities. Usually an irritable individual finds it a little more difficult to remain in that state when they are with someone who is happy and smiling. Have you ever been in the presence of a person who is smiling and happy and they have done something to make you smile although smiling is the last thing you wanted to do? Research actually shows that your happy friend can increase your chances of being happy by 9%, but that unhappy one can bring you down by 7%. That just shows you the type of effect that other people can have on us. A negative environment will spawn negativity, and a positive environment will do just the opposite.

Another interesting factor is that in order to benefit from another’s happiness you must be close to them in order to have a reaction to their happy emotional energy. Again, you can give this some thought. Think about a friend who is usually always happy and bubbly. You can talk to them on the phone and no matter what; they always make you feel good. You look forward to the time when you can be in their company again because of the way they make you feel. When you are with them, you enjoy their company since they make you smile. So being in close proximity really does strengthen the emotional bond. Exposure to a bright happy smile most certainly is contagious. It is probably adaptive and healthy that human beings can react to other’s emotions so well and so fast.

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